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Navy Document 29-AUG-44

A12-1(2)               DESTROYERS, PACIFIC FLEET

Serial: 01744

                                                                               29 August 1944

From:      Commander Destroyers, Pacific Fleet.
To   :       All Destroyers, Destroyer Escorts, Patrol Frigates, Pacific Fleet,
               CruDiv 11.

Subject:    Anti-Submarine Actions, Most Outstanding in Pacific.

Enclosure:  (A) Summation of A/S contacts made 19 - 31 May 1944.
                 (B) Brief Narratives of A/S Actions 19 - 31 Nay 1944.
                 (C) Brief of Tactics used in A/S Actions.

      1.           During the period of 18 - 31 May 1944, the U.S.S. ENGLAND (DE635), while participating in an anti-submarine hunt, successfully engaged six Japanese Submarines. Her outstanding performance in each of these actions was responsible for making it the most outstanding and most successful anti-submarine hunt in the II Pacific to date. The assessments of damage to the enemy have been made and will be printed in the next U.S.F. Monthly Anti-Submarine Bulletin.

     2.             It is doubted whether any other ship in this or any other war, has produced such a record. This record was attained only by excellent teamwork and high proficiency on the part of all concerned.

     3..             Although circumstances placed the ENGLAND repeatedly in the most advantageous position for attack, she obtained hits whether first or last to engage the enemy. On contacts considered to be a definite submarine she obtained seven hits out of thirteen salvoes of hedgehogs (Mark 10 projector) fired. This performance is a challenge to any anti-submarine ship of the Navy, and will always stand high among the traditions of the U.S. Naval Service.

      4.            The results of the anti-submarine actions .of the ENGLAND clearly demonstrate the efficiency of this ship and the attack team as a whole. However, the following observations are noteworthy and tend to nullify any impression that such a performance can be attributed to anything but a high degree of proficiency, only attainable by. intelligent training.

  1.  The Commanding Officer and the Executive Officer interchanged duties as coning officers and both obtained hits.
  2. The Sound Officer operated the range recorder on all attacks.
  3. Three different soundmen participated as sound operator.
    During the attacks, one soundman obtained one salvo hit, one obtained three salvo hits, and the third obtained three salvo hits.
  4. Two officers and one chief petty officer rotated in plotting attacks on DRT
  5. The only material casualties were the failure of two Mk 10
    projector charges. Out of fifteen salvoes from the projector with full pattern each time, there was only one salvo with any duds. In this salvo one charged failed to leave projector and one blew off its tail assembly and had an erratic flight.
  6. Standard anti-submarine doctrine was used.

     5.              The GEORGE,(DE697) (ComCortDiv 39, O.T.C.), the ENGLAND (DE635), (ComCortDiv-40), and the RABY (DE698), with the SPANGLER (DE696) joining them during the period 26 --31 May 1944 and the HALZEWOOD (DD531) contacting and participating in the last contact on 30 May 1944, composed the forces participating in these actions. The coordination and the teamwork of these ships were excellent and contributed to success of these operations against the enemy.

      6.             Enclosure (A) is forwarded herewith to summarize the actions and ENGLAND's performance. Enclosure (B)  is forwarded to give a brief outline of the actions. Enclosure (C) gives a brief discussion of the tactics used by the hunter-killer group.

                                                              J.L KAUFFMAN

         List I, C, Case 2
         CruDiv 11. '

Flag Secretary.