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The library contains "notes" from crew members, articles from various newspapers and magazines and written histories histories of the USS England DE-635.   denotes new item added in the last update to this page.


Six of the original soundmen on board DE-635 came out of the ASW Training Center  in San Diego. The senior of the group was John Prock SoM2c. The rest  were all 3rd class. John Prock was on the sound gear for most of the ASW runs for which the 635 became well known. Years later, a modern enlisted menís barracks was built at the old training center and named Prock Hall. There is also a building on the base called the England Building.

Recommended Reading


Antisubmarine Warrior In The Pacific: Six Subs Sunk In Twelve Days

Antisubmarine Warrior In The Pacific: Six Subs Sunk In Twelve Days by John A. Williamson is the story of his life as it pertains to gaining knowledge about antisubmarine tactics and the Navy and how that applied to USS England's (DE-635) success in May of 1944. He also includes many personal stories that round out the book which is written very similar to how John Williamson told his stories in person. He was a wonderful man, articulate and caring and his men adored him. The centerpiece of the book is the sinking of the six submarines in May of 1944 in the Pacific Theater of World War II. He describes the roles of all involved from his own perspective. The book also details the kamikaze attack during the Okinawa campaign that removed USS England from the war. He tells of his early days in the Navy, his  social life, his training, the "Williamson Turn" and many days at sea providing the reader with the whole picture of the time and events. This book is one of the most important writings about USS England (DE-635) and is a must read for all who love history. It has been nominated by Sea Classic magazine as book of the year and is available though Amazon.Com  or via The University of Alabama Press or call (773) 568-1550.

I-Boat Captain by Zenji Orita (with Joseph D. Harrington) tells his story from a boy fascinated with the Navy to the life of a Japanese submarine captain. Written in 1976, this book also provided details showing the Japanese side of the war and various battles. Chapter 15, presented here, describes the feats of USS England DE-635 and their affects on the war.

The book is no longer in print but can be found on the used book market. It is a great book and highly recommended.
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Anatomy of the Ship The Destroyer Escort England by Al Ross offer details of the USS England all all Buckley Class escorts, with drawings, details on weapons, population and other items. It offers a quick history of DE-635. This book offers the model builder details necessary to build DE-635 and many of the other Buckley class ships. - Reviewed by the Webmaster

Anatomy of the Ship Destroyer Escort England, Al Ross, Conway Maritime Press Ltd., ISBN 0 85177 3257. 98 Pages.

The Buckley Class Destroyer Escorts by Bruce Hampton Franklin is an excellent resource for details about the Buckley class ships. These ships served in both theaters in Word War II for both the American and British navies. The book covers all major events in which a Buckley class DE participated. There are pictures and short histories of all 154 ships and all of the statistical data about this class available. The England is mentioned in several places in the book, but the strength of the book is in the over all view of the Buckley class. Highly recommended for anyone with an interest in these ships, their contribution to the war effort and the years following. - Reviewed by the Webmaster

The Buckley class Destroyer Escorts, Bruce Hampton Franklin, Naval Institute Press (http://www.usni.org), ISBN 1-55750-280-3, 210 pages. Available on http://www.amazon.com.