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Calvin Ward's 1944 Notebook

Calvin T. Ward server on board the USS England until the war's end. During 1944 he kept a small journal where he made quick notes on the days happenings. The contents of this book were provided by his son Richard J. Ward

January 1
Arrived last night in 
San Diego Bay
January 2
Tied up in San Diego Bay
January 27
Left San Diego for Frisco 
this morning
January 28
Arrived Treasure Isle 
this evening
February 1
Left for home of seven 
days leave
February 2
Arrived home this morning
February 5
Tom Cooper and I went 
hunting out at Lancaster
February 6
Rolled Tom Cooper's car 
over on the way home from Lancaster
February 7
Tom Cooper and I went 
down to [indecipherable]
February 8
Left home to go back to ship
February 9
Arrived back at Treasure Isle
February 14
Left the states for Pearl Harbor at 1600
February 15
Really rough today
February 19
Hell of a way to spend birthday at sea
February 20
Arrived Pearl Harbor
February 21
Left for Ellice Islands with troop transport
February 24
Had first GQ - friendly ship
February 25
Crossed equator at 2124 o'clock
February 26
Initiated for crossing equator
February 27
Crossed International 
Date Line - lost this day
February 28
Arrived Funafuti Island at 1400
March 2
Underway this morning for 
March 5
Arrived Guadalcanal today.
 Went to Tulai
March 6
Stayed in Tulai - Had 
an air raid alert, no planes
March 7
Back in Guadalcanal - Left 
for Espiritu Santo convoying
 two merchant
March 12
Arrived in Espiritu 
Santo today
March 13
Went over on the beach 
for recreation - fist 
time on land in a month
March 14
Went to C/C school at 
Coconut College
March 17
Went aboard the Dixie DD 
Tender for attack teacher
March 18
Left Espiritu Santo for 
March 20
Arrived in Guadalcanal.
March 21
Saw 5 Jap transports being 
attacked. Screened transport
unloading supplies
March 22
Screened the Crescent City
March 23
Screen Crescent City - escorted her 
to Tolugi Harbor. Went aboard and 
saw John E. Rasor [a friend of 
the author on the Crescent City]
March 24
Underway for Noumea escorting 
Crescent City
March 26
Sort of rough today
March 27
Arrived Noumea 0730
March 29
Went of recreation party, 
played baseball, had some beer
March 30
Went of recreation again
March 31
Went on liberty in town 
- bought some souvenirs
April 2
Watch army and marines load 
APA transports
April 3
Left of Guadalcanal convoying 
6 attack transports
April 5
Arrived Guadalcanal
April 6
Screened APA George Clymers
April 7
Left for Espiritu Santo
April 9
Arrived Espiritu Santo
April 10
Left for Guadalcanal
April 12
Arrived Guadalcanal - Left 
For Espiritu Santo
April 13
Dropped depth charges - 
nothing came of it
April 15
Arrived Espiritu Santo
April 16
Went out for AA practice
April 17
Called to help find sub that 
didn't make Cantuct
April 18
Got underway for Guadalcanal
April 20
Arrived Guadalcanal
April 21
Left Guadalcanal - escorting 
two small aircraft carriers
April 23
Passes within 17 miles of Jap 
held territory
April 25
Arrived in Maneso Isle in 
April 28
Underway with carrier for Marshals
April 29
Saw Fleet 7 Battlewagons
May 2
Found out Fleet bombarded Truck
May 3
Arrived in Marshals Mayuro Atoll
May 4
Left for Guadalcanal
May 5
Called back to escort ammunition
ships back to Marshals
May 6
Picked up ammunition ship
May 7
Arrived Mayuro Atoll with ammo ship
May 8
Went on beach - just laid around.
Left for Guadalcanal
May 11
Arrived in Peyia Bay, Flordia 
Island. Getting camouflage job
for ship.
May 16
Went over on Flordia Island. 
Visited native village 
- very hard to trade with
May 17
Complete camouflage job. Left with
 3 other DE hunting subs by Bougainville
May 19
Sank first sub today. 5 runs with 
hedgehogs. Bernhart made contact
- confirmed as definite sunk
May 20
Intelligence reports 3 more subs 
in blockade of Bougainville
May 22
At 5:30 AM picked up surfaced sub on 
radar - hit him with hedgehogs - 
cannot confirm sunk yet
May 23
6:00 AM picked up surfaced sub 
(other DE did). Other DE made 9 runs
- never hit once. England made 3 
and sank it.
May 24
Picked up surfaced sub at 1:30 AM
Sank him in two runs
May 26
Came alongside carriers & DD to 
pass information about subs on 
way to Admiralties
May 27
Got 5th sub last night. Picked
up on surface by radar at 11:15
Sunk by 11:45 with hedgehog pattern
May 28
Got hedge hogs from Spangler 
DE in the Admiralties - left
to marshals with 3 other DE.
May 29
Met aircraft carrier with DD
Also hunt for subs about 200 
miles south of Truck
May 30
Met 2 other DE who had been chasing 
sub for 30 hours. England sank sub 
in 15 minutes after contact
June 1
Got a report on 3 Jap DD. Went 
with DD and carrier looking for them
June 4
Jap DDs reported to be cruisers 
June 5
Had GQ last night - 3 Jap planes 
about 10 miles away
June 6
On patrol with carrier and 4 DD 
and 4 DE
June 13
Pulled into Treasury Island
June 14
Left Treasury Island for Purvis Bay
June 15
Arrived Purvis Bay - 5 days 
June 16
Tied along USS Dixie DD tender
June 18
Went into dry dock
June 20
Left dry dock - tied alongside Dixie
June 29
Left for Treasury Islands
June 30
Arrived Treasury Islands
July 1
Left Treasury islands for Emiaru
July 2
On patrol around Jap held New 
Hanouver Island 3 miles off shore
July 4
Arrived Emiaru Island
July 5
Laying in Hamburg Bay in case Japs
try and evacuate New Hanover
July 30
Left Emiaru for Mauro to get fuel
and supplies
July 31
Arrived Mauro - ran aground after
entering harbor - 5 hours to get pulled off
August 6
Left for New Guinea for repairs
proceeding about 8 knots
August 8
Arrived New Guinea in Milue Bay 
South Eastern End
September 24
Left for Sidney at 1200 from 
Treasury Island
September 25
Rolling like hell - rough weather
Coral Sea
September 29
Arrived in Sydney  Harbor 0700
Liberty 1300
October 10
Left Sydney at 1200 for Treasury Island
October 15
Arrived in Treasury Island this morning.
Left for Hollandia New Guinea
October 18
Arrived in Hollandia this morning in
company with DE633 Foresan
October 19
Tied alongside Dobbin DD tender
to straighten shaft
October 26
Left Hollandia for Leyte Island with
two transports and Foresan
October 29
Arrived in Leyte Philippines
October 31
Trade sheets and services for knife
and guys money
November 1
Left for Hollendia with evacuation
November 4
Arrived in Hollandia
November 7
Left for Leyte with army tankers making
six knots
November 18
Arrived in San Pedro Bay, Leyte Island, 
Philippines - Japs strafed air strip
November 19
3 Jap planes made suicide dives on 
merchant ships 2500 yards on our beam
1 hit, 2 misses

Thank you to Richard Ward for supplying his father's journal which is transcribed here and for the photos used on this page and other areas of the web site.