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Jack McLaughlin's Liberty Card from USS England APD-41
2005 Letter from The Secretary of the Navy in Regard To USS England DE-635.
The 5/29/44 message from Admiral Halsey to the USS England where it is first said "May there always be an England".
Letter to Calvin Ward from Secretary of the Navy James Forrestall. Item from Richard Ward
 A news telegram discussing DE-635 Submarine sinkings. Item from Richard Ward.
Calvin Ward's shellback card (given to sailors who cross the equator and pass through an initiation) . Item from Richard Ward.
Copy of Presidential unit Citation for DE-635.Item from Richard Ward. 
Cover letter from  Presidential Unit citation from the Bureau of Naval Personnel. Item from Richard Ward.
Pasadena Post Article about J.C. England and DE-635.
Launching invitation
Scoreboard from USS England - Naval Academy Museum.
Information regarding the opening of England Hall at the ASW base in San Diego, California in 1958.
The 5/29/44 Message from Admiral Nimitz regarding USS England sinking the six enemy submarines in may of 1944.
 Vice Admiral Newton's letter awarding the Navy Cross to Lieutenant Commander Walton B. Pendleton, Captain USS England DE-635.
 Pictures of  Lieutenant Commander Walton B. Pendleton receiving the Navy Cross.
Walton B. Pendleton's Passport from 1937.
Mrs. Pendleton's Passport from 1937
Mrs. Pendleton's Pearl Harbor ID,  Walton B. Pendleton's dog tag and Naval Academy photograph.
Christmas 1944 on board USS England menu.
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